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Posted by on Feb 20, 2009 in WordPress Hacks | 9 comments

Generic Statistics WordPress plugin

Generic Statistics WordPress plugin

Do you have the urge to SPY on your visitors?

The Generic Stats WordPress Plugin is a plugin that allows you to add any statistics tracking code to your WordPress blog without having to edit your WordPress Template’s code.

What does this have to do with spying on your website’s visitors? Well, you could easily sign up for the Performancing Metrics statistics service, and EASILY let you add the statistics tracking code to your blog, without you needing to change ANYTHING ELSE on your site.

This plugin also allows you to specify whether you’d like the code to be place at the top of your page (before the <body> tag) or at the bottom of the page (just after or just before the closing </body> tag).

This option is due to the fact that some statistics packages, like Google Analytics, prefer that you place the statistics tracking scripts at the top of the page, whereas it is actually recommended that you place all external scripts (external to your site) at the bottom.

The reason it’s better to place the code at the bottom is just in case the external site is down, it won’t prevent your site from loading.

Click on the image at the below to see what the plugin looks like on the admin side:

Generic Stats WordPress plugin Admin Page

Click here to download the plugin

To be kept aware of updates, please subscribe to the comments feed on this page.

Oh, and Click Here to sign up and try out Performancing Metrics. You will SERIOUSLY get addicted to watching your visitors moving around your site, IN REAL TIME!


  1. Hi James,

    I have a question about your Generic Stats WordPress Plugin.

    My blog has a number of contributors. At contributor level they cannot get to a needed function, but when I bump them up to editor rights they can see and edit the Generic Stats plugin.

    Is there a place in the code to change the role level for access to the plugin?

    Thanks for any help!

    Lee W.

  2. Hi Lee

    In the file genstats.php, search for the following (should be on lines 23 and 28):


    Change that to:


    This should give you what you need…

  3. Thanks James… great plugin!!!!

  4. Well, just in case anybody’s using this, I’ve just updated the plugin.

    Please let me know if there are any issues.


  5. It’s not working with HeatMap Adsense Theme ( by Stuart Wider ( I have header and footer stats saved and it’s not inserting them in the rendered page, although it works fine with several other WP 2.8.5 installations I administer using different themes.

  6. Hi totalsuper: check out the theme and see if there’s a “get_header()” in the header file, and a “get_footer()” in the footer php file.

  7. No, they are both in the index.php, page.php, archive.php, single.php, etc., files instead.

  8. Do you have to pay for the theme? Could you email it to me? james @ (this website)

    I can then test/debug it on my side. It might be a conflict of some sorts.

  9. You dont even need to use this plugin with HeatMap Theme. Support for google analytics and others is already built into the theme!


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