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Posted by on Feb 12, 2008 in wordpress | 0 comments

WordPress 2.5 Admin Theme Preview

WordPress 2.5 Admin Theme Preview

I’m not sure why I never thought of it, but I finally decided to download a test version of WordPress 2.5 so that I can see the new WordPress Admin theme that people are talking about.

It is DEFINITELY a lot more modern than the current look and feel of the Admin section, even if it is a little chunky for my liking. But, I think it’s “pretty”.

You can click on the thumbnail below to open the images for viewing…

WordPress 2.5 Login Screen

WordPress 2.5 Login Screen


WordPress 2.5 Dashboard Screen

Write Post

WordPress 2.5 Write Post Screen

Plugins Screen

WordPress 2.5 Plugins Admin Page

Design – Template Screen

WordPress 2.5 Design Screen a.k.a. Presentation Page

Settings Page

WordPress 2.5 Blog Settings Page

Your Thoughts?

So, what do YOU think of the new look?

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