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Posted by on Jan 24, 2008 in tips | 1 comment

Productive Browser Homepage

Productive Browser Homepage

Based on the post “Make about:blank Your Homepage” I thought I would share my own productivity tip that you can use your browser’s home page for.

I agree with Ionut Alex Chitu in that having a browser home page that connects to the internet is not a great thing. Especially in the following (my) situation:


Depending on day and time, I might be on a VPN, so I’ll need to enable my proxy.

When the browser starts, it will try and go to whatever home page you have set, and if you haven’t enabled/disabled the proxy, it fails, and that’s annoying.

Slow Internet

I’d LOVE to set my home page to a page like iGoogle with a whole bunch of gadgets giving me all the info I need.

But, the internet here in South Africa can be quite slow, even on a “broadband connection“.

So starting FireFox and sitting and waiting for a home page is not something I enjoy doing. My whole reason for USING FireFox is so that I can multi-task!

What homepage do I use?

I created my own home page. All it is is a local .html file containing all the links I need to get to the sites I use the most.

Here’s a screenshot of my home page:

A screenshot of my browser’s homepage

As you can see, I’ve divided my links into different categories.

For example, the left column is all devoted to the app I support, and there are categories for the Production, Test, Dev and Local versions…

It loads just as quickly as about:home, but it makes my bookmarks easier to click. And I’ve set FireFox to open my home page when I open a new tab, so they’re always there.

1 Comment

  1. A very good tip. We have a local intranet page we use at work with all our important links within it.

    Your articles spurred me on to build my own (long over due) browser homepage. Bookmarks have come a long way since the early days, with good organisational options in most of the current browsers.

    However, there’s only ever going to be so much space in your bookmarks toolbar so the way forward may be to create a custom browser homepage with links categorised.


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