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Posted by on Jan 11, 2007 in seo | 0 comments

Rocket Science to everyone who doesn’t know

Danny Sullivan said it exactly how it is in the December 21st edition of The Daily SearchCast (roughly quoted):

If I spent a little more time researching…… I could re-roof my house, but I’m not a roofer, and it’s like, magic, “wow, you put a whole new roof on my house”… to me, that’s rocket science, or roof science…

The little things count, as I mentioned in my previous post, SEO Apartheid. If my mother ever wanted to put a website up, she would just write her “great content“, and hope for the best. She wouldn’t know about using Title-tags and meta tags, etc.

Another example of not everyone knowing SEO-Science is this post on the Digital Point forums, where somebody asked for a site review. The site had been TOTALLY coded in Excel. Go on, I dare you, create a web page in Excel and look at the source code. In my mind, apart from the page looking worse than most sites I’ve seen since 1997, it didn’t follow the very basic SEO principles. SEO is exactly what it stands for: Search Engine Optimisation. Not necessarily changing the way it looks, but rather making it easier for a Search Engine to understand it, and know whether to rank it high or not, and giving it a reason to rank it well.

And, if you ever feel the need to explain SEO to your mother, go read this post on the SoloSEO blog: “Your Mom can understand SEO too

And then, once you know how to explain this in easy terms, go read Oilman’s post, “Shoemoney, A Fish Bowl, and Bullshit“. You’ll get an SEO opinion straight from someone who actually makes a living from this science bullshit. 😉

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