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Posted by on Apr 1, 2009 in interesting | 0 comments

EXCLUSIVE: Google Buys WordPress!

EXCLUSIVE: Google Buys WordPress!

This was obviously an attempt at an April Fool’s Joke. I must say, I’m quite impressed with my WordPress/Google Logo 🙂

Google Buys WordPress!I was chatting to my cousin a couple of hours ago via IM, and he let slip about the news that Automattic had sold off WordPress to Google.

He knows this because he works with Matt Mullenweg, but he obviously doesn’t want me to “reveal his name” until the news is made public (which is going to happen in a few hours time apparently). So, for the purpose of this post, let’s call him Byron.

I asked if he minded if I copied and pasted a part of our conversation about it and he said he didn’t mind because the news would be released later today anyway. (I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that by the time anybody reads my blog, it will have been announced already).

geniosity [09:40 PM]:

So, how much did Matt sell it for?!

Byron [09:40 PM]:

Sorry, can’t say that just yet 🙂 . But let’s just say he’ll be able to buy that Jazz band he always talks about starting. It wasn’t quite a YouTube deal… Or maybe it was.

geniosity [09:42 PM]:

Who approached who?

Byron [09:43 PM]:

Google approached us. We mentioned that they didn’t need to buy it, because it’s not like we’re in it for the money, but they said that it would be better for their image if they owned the world’s most popular blogging software.

They were just tired of everybody complaining about the Blogger platform. It crashes, it’s insecure, and it’s just not as cool as WordPress. So they decided to throw in the towel. Don’t quote me on this, (ok, quote me 😉 ) but even Evan Williams (of Twitter fame and the creator of “Blogger”) is embarrassed at the state of Blogger.

geniosity [09:44 PM]:

So will they be moving all blogger blogs to the WordPress platform?

Byron [09:44 PM]:

That will eventually happen. It will take a couple of months, but thanks to the great WordPress community, there’s already a Blogger importer, so it will just be a case of converting all the boring themes on Blogspot into WP themes, and then ironing out a few of the minor “missing features” in the importer, and they’ll be good to go.

geniosity [09:45 PM]:

What’ll happen to the Automattic team?

Byron [09:46 PM]:

Well, we’ve still got other software that we can focus on. We’ll be working out of the Googleplex, so there’ll be free food (for a few months at least, because I hear they’re planning on limiting that due to the current global financial crisis).

geniosity [09:47 PM]:

And did u get anything from this.

Byron [09:48 PM]:

he he he… I did, and I’m REALLY happy with it…

geniosity [09:48 PM]:

When’s it going to be announced?

Byron [09:49 PM]:

Should be in the next few hours. You’ll probably see something on Matt Cutt’s blog some time on Wednesday morning because he’s also pretty excited about it. But we’ll see what he says. (Especially since he already uses WordPress for his blog).

So, there’ you have it. Was quite an interesting IM conversation.

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